Activating Your Paylution Account

ONEHOPE uses a company called Paylution (also known as Hyperwallet) as our commission payment provider. Within 1 week of enrolling as a new CE, you will receive an email from Paylution prompting you to register your account. Any commissions you earn will be paid to you through your Paylution account. 

In your Paylution account, you will have the ability to request a ONEHOPE-branded debit card which your commission funds can be loaded onto. Commission funds do not have to be loaded onto the debit card, though. Alternatively, you can choose to transfer commission funds to a bank account. All of these preferences can be set within your Paylution account.  

Lost, stolen, or expired cards can be replaced through HyperWallet. To contact HyperWallet, please call 1-877-546-8220. All fees and transactions are processed by HyperWallet, a third-party vendor. 

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