Support Tips and Tricks

ONEHOPE's Support Team is available to help you! In order for the Support Team to help you efficiently and quickly, here are some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to support requests. 

1. If you are experiencing what seems to be a technology issue, please, first clear your cache and history. We also recommend that you use Chrome on an actual computer (not a tablet or smart phone). If your issue continues, please do not call Support. Rather, send an email to and include a screenshot of the error message you are receiving. Screenshots are the best way for the Support Team to understand and solve your issue. 

2. Please include your CE ID in every email. 

3. If calling or emailing about an order, please have the order number and or tracking number available. If you are able to provide this information, we will be able to resolve your issue much more quickly. 

4. Please do not call and email regarding the same issue. Each time you reach out to Support, you are assigned an agent. If you both call and email, you will have two agents assigned to you thus decreasing efficiency and doubling the workload. Our job to get you on your way as quick as one likes long wait times! By calling OR emailing, we will be able to best assist you. The Support Team has a 90 minute first response time. We promise to be in touch very soon. 

The Support Team is available to help answer any questions you may have. In order to decrease wait times and increase efficiency, please help us better serve you, by following the tips above!

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