How to Create an Event in CE Dashboard

What is the new event feature in the CE Dashboard? 

We are moving event creation and management from the Back Office to your CE Dashboard on Starting December 4, all event set up - editing, order creation, order tracking, donation creation/tracking, and Host Rewards shopping -  will take place on This new launch will make it easier for CEs to create, manage and check the status of their event donation(s). CEs will no longer create events from the Back Office. 

In what way are Host Rewards changing?

With this rollout, we are making some changes to how Host Rewards are redeemed to make this process much easier for the CE and Host! First, Host Rewards will be redeemed on instead of through the Party Portal. Host Rewards will be a coupon code that gets redeemed when the event is closed out. This coupon code is redeemable by the Host either in self-service or concierge-mode. The Host Rewards code can be used on any item on and expires 90 days after the code is created. Host rewards can also be redeemed with PC discounts. Now you won’t have to worry about getting the Host Rewards in order before you can close out the event and you won’t have to coordinate with the Host on how she wants to spend her Host Rewards if you don’t want to. Host Rewards code generation is seamless, automatic, and easy!

How will my host receive the coupon code? Will I have access to the coupon code if the host prefers I shop for them? 

You (CE) and your host will receive an email with the coupon code.

How will this affect my current events in the back office?

Your events already exist in the CE Dashboard. With this release, those existing events will simply be upgraded to enjoy all the new management features.  

Is there a training on how to use the new events feature?

Yes, you can view a training video here or in (Workramp). We also have screen grabs on this Help Center Article.  This training will show you how to set up an event, close out a party, submit a donation, and more!

Will any communications be created for the CE or host to confirm my event has been created?

Yes, you will be able to view these emails starting 12/9 in Workramp. 

Will I be able to share a link with my host so that they will be able to place their order and get their host rewards? 

We will be emailing your host with their Host Rewards code once the code has been generated and that email will link to your personal website. Your host can then go to your personal website to shop for her host rewards. 

Will there be anything in the “Back Office” I need to access for my event any longer? 

No. This will also no longer be able to be accessible as of December 5. 

Once we create an event, can the information we enter be edited? 

Yes, most information can be updated after you create event. The only thing that cannot be edited is the Host Name. If you need to edit the Host’s name, you will need to start over and create a new event.

When shipping the host rewards, often times hosts have items shipped to a different address. Is it possible to change this? Who has access to the host account?

Hosts can send their Host Rewards order to any shipping address they choose. The host is the only person with access to her account. However, as the CE you can shop for her in concierge mode to redeem the Host Rewards code if you choose to offer that to your host. 

What does the star icon mean next to customer names? 

The star icon denotes that they are a Preferred Customer.

Are event links still long? 

Yes, event links are not changing yet. We have heard your request to shorten event links and it’s in our queue.

If host uses their code and orders over their reward amount, do we get commission on any overage ordered? 

Yes, you will. 

Will the event still close after 21 days? 


Is host code eligible for discounted products? 


When does the host need to use the code by? Will they get a reminder? 

The code needs to be used within 90 days. No reminders will be sent of the code is not used.However, you as the CE will be able to see the Host Rewards code, whether it has been used or not, and when it expires from the management page for the event.

Will we still be able to change the party date / end date? 


Will the CE be copied on the Host Reward promo coupon code, so that we can order in concierge mode for them? 


Do they need to use full amount at once? 

No, similar to how a gift card works, they do not have to use the full amount all at once.

Will we be able to run reports/lists on Preferred Customers? 

You can currently view your preferred customers from the Customers tab of your CE Dashboard. There is a preferred customer column from that table. When selected, the customers table sorts itself so that all preferred customers show up at the top of that view. 

Can we still donate to schools?

If you don’t see your nonprofit listed in the search results of the nonprofit autocomplete, you can enter all the information for your nonprofit manually.

Will the back office Host Manager go away? 


For the nonprofit autofill, for a large organization, for example, the Alzheimer's Association, that has multiple chapters under the same tax ID,  can we edit the nonprofit info to mail the check to a specific chapter? 

Yes you do not have to use one of nonprofit autocomplete results - you can always override them by manually entering all details for your 501c3

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