How to Unsubscribe from VINE Daily Blog Emails

The VINE blog and weekly VINE email are crucial resources to stay up-to-date on your ONEHOPE business! 

However, if you’re no longer interested in getting the daily email alert when we post new content to the VINE blog, we’re happy to offer you the option to unsubscribe (while still staying subscribed to the VINE weekly emails and other marketing emails from ONEHOPE.)

1. Find a VINE blog automated email from ONEHOPE Vine ( Example of the email layout is below.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the email. Find the sentence -- Don’t want to receive these daily updates from the VINE? Click HERE, uncheck “VINE Blog Daily Subscription” -- and click save” and click HERE. 

3. You’ll be taken to a Communication Preferences web page

4. Uncheck the “VINE Blog Daily Subscription” option

5. Click “Update email preferences” to save

6. You’ll no longer receive daily email updates when we post new content on the VINE blog

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