Summer Shipping Tips

Summer heat is upon us, so we wanted to share Safe Summer Shipping Tips that we highly recommend, to protect the integrity and quality of our wine. Our Safe Summer Shipping Tips will help ensure that your wine arrives as pristine as when it leaves our facilities.

Here are our tips!

1. Be Available to Receive your Wine

While three delivery attempts are made on every order that ships, we know that under extreme temperatures if your package is not delivered at the first attempt the likelihood of temperature damage increases. We’ll send you emails and texts to let you know when your order will arrive.

2. Place Your Order During the Weekend 

We will ship out your orders according to our standard shipping schedules, and we will do our best to communicate the status of your order until it reaches you. To prevent orders from sitting on a UPS truck over the weekend, it’s a good idea to order your wine Saturday, Sunday or Monday. This will ensure your package is delivered throughout the week. Also, if you are experiencing temperatures above 100* in your delivery area or live in an area where temperatures are above 100* over the summer, we suggest placing your order during the weekend or on Monday.

3. Reroute Your Package to a Hold at Location

Hold at Location (HAL) is an easy and convenient way to receive your package. HAL's are stores that will accept your package on your behalf. Then, at your convenience you can pick up your package at the store by showing your photo ID and the tracking number. 

Examples of HAL include: Walgreens, Albertsons, Vons, Dollar General, Do it Best, FedEx Print Shop, and more! To learn how to reroute your package to a HAL, click here

4. Connect with Support

As always, ONEHOPE Support is available to help with your shipping questions!
Support is available Monday - Friday, 5a PST - 5p PST. Support can be reached at or at 949-329-5576.

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