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There are multiple ways that ONEHOPE ensures you get credit for your customer’s purchases, including when we send marketing emails to your customers. 

Just as you can create a personalized share link to, we use the same method when we send emails to your customers. Every link in every email automatically sets you as the referring Cause Entrepreneur for your customers, ensuring you receive credit for the sale.
At the same time, our back-end system has a fail-safe set up to ensure you receive credit.
Once a non-Preferred Customer either:
1) clicks your personalized CE referral link or
2) chooses to 'shop with' you
All orders from then on will be placed with you as the referring CE
For a customer to unlock themselves from you as their referring CE, they would have to either:
1) go to their profile and explicitly say 'stop shopping with my CE'
2) click on another CE’s referral link, which will switch their CE to the new one
3) shop at another CE’s event, which will switch their CE to the event’s CE
For Preferred Customers, if a customer signs up as a Preferred Customer under you as their CE, they are firmly attached to you as their CE. If so:
1) they do not see the link to “stop shopping with my CE” in their profile 
2) clicking on another CE’s referral link will not change their CE
3) shopping for an event will give the event’s CE credit for the order, but afterward, they will automatically flip back to the original CE for future orders
If the Preferred Customer doesn’t renew their subscription, then they fall back to the other behavior when their privileges expire.
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