As a CE, you may not, without prior written approval of ONEHOPE, work for or otherwise provide services to a client, person, or company that provides services or products that directly or indirectly compete with those offered by ONEHOPE. We reserve the right to remove you from the program if we feel that you are harming or competing with ONEHOPE in any way.

If you do provide services to others in a way permitted by this section, you may not:

  1. Promote those services on Your Website or in any social media or other promotional activity in which you’re also promoting our products and services
  2. Create the impression of an affiliation between ONEHOPE and any third party with which we are not affiliated
  3. Use your role as a CE to market or promote the products or services of any third party
  4. Recruit or attempt to recruit other CE's into other programs or organizations
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