Code of Conduct

As a CE, your actions, both positive and negative, reflect on ONEHOPE and our community of Cause Entrepreneurs. For example, while your attendance at any Event (as defined below) is as an invited guest of the Host (as defined below), you are also a CE and, as such, must help maintain the ONEHOPE brand and goodwill. 

For this reason, we must require you to conduct yourself in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner both on and offline. In addition, here are some specific guidelines we expect you to follow: 

  1. You are not permitted to partake in the consumption of alcohol, including our wine, at any ONEHOPE event (the “Event”) other than to taste the wine solely for any cork taint.
  2. You are not permitted to consume any illegal substances at any Event.
  3. You may not accept tips, cash rewards, or other incentives from ONEHOPE consumers, including Hosts, for your participation in the Program or at an Event.
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