Compliance Violations

Should it become apparent that you are making purchases from a team members storefront, creating fake customer accounts, bonus buying, or any other activity in order to achieve leadership pay ranks, disciplinary action will be taken, commission withheld and you will be removed from the ONEHOPE program.

ONEHOPE compliance representatives review and validate all Executive Director and Senior Executive Director promotions. Should you achieve a leadership role and you are found to be in violation of compliance and/or ethics, disciplinary action will be taken and you will be removed from the ONEHOPE program. 

Should it become evident that a CEO is operating with unethical business practices to earn incentives, promotions, awards and recognition, ONEHOPE reserves the right to verify these activities and take disciplinary action including, but not limited to: removal of title, pay rank, commissions, incentive points, bonuses, and incentive trips. Although back office reports may show your pay rank and career title at a certain level, all promotions and awards are subject to compliance review.


Your acceptance into the program means you agree to and will abide by the following. 

  1. You will only use Your Website as the linking code for your participation in ONEHOPE
  2. You will not attempt to mask the referring URL information (i.e., the page from which the click is originating)
  3. You will not use redirects to bounce a click off of a domain from which the click did not originate in order to give the appearance that it came from that domain

NOTE: If you are found redirecting links to hide or manipulate their original source, your current, and past commissions will be voided or your commission level will be set to 0%


We do not allow our CE's to create, publish, distribute, or print any written material that makes reference to ONEHOPE without first submitting that material to us and receiving our prior written consent. However, if you intend to promote ONEHOPE via e-mail campaigns, you must agree to adhere to the following:

  1. Abide by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Public Law No. 108-187) with respect to our program
  2. E-mail campaigns must be sent on your behalf and not on behalf of ONEHOPE, either by direct or indirect implication
  3. E-mail campaigns must first be submitted to us for approval prior to being sent or we must be sent a copy of the e-mail

Failure to abide by the above may result in the dismissal of the program.


You are able to promote your personal website, however, you are not allowed to promote any discounts at a lower price than what ONEHOPE sells the products for. 

NOTE: It is illegal to give away alcohol, wine, and spirits in a raffle or online promotion 

THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DO ENACT AS FOLLOWS: (5) Alcoholic beverages or anything redeemable for alcoholic beverages shall not be awarded as a contest prize. This paragraph shall not prohibit a contest in which the prize is cash or cash equivalent or the awarding of cash or cash equivalent.


You may not re-sell wine (or any alcohol) under any circumstance.

Here are a few examples of such prohibited reselling: 

  • No customer can purchase a bulk order of wine (sold once) and then sell off part of that order to anyone else (e.g., can’t do second sale). 
  • A CE can’t purchase wine (sold once) and then re-package it or create a gift set that they re-sell to a consumer (e.g., can’t do second sale).


As a CE with ONEHOPE Wine, you are not licensed to sell in a three-tier capacity. 

Selling to any establishment with an alcohol retail license is restricted to licensed distributors, who are restricted to buying from Suppliers with a Wholesale license. We have full-time sales representatives throughout the country who are managing sales and distribution through the three-tier system.

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