Corporate Gifting

ONEHOPE offers a robust Corporate Gifting program for businesses and organizations of all types. We have gifting specialists who can help process large or bulk gift orders. 

If you have a client that is interested in bulk ordering, please connect the client with our Gifting Team. They can be reached via email at Once the purchase has been made you will receive commission from the sales based on your current commission percentage.

The sale will be manually added to your back office, before the next pay period after the invoice has been paid. Ex: any corporate sales that are paid for between the 1st-15th of the month will be added prior to the 16th pay date.

A 10% custom donation can be made on the following Corporate Gifting purchases: 

  • BYOG (Build your own gift box) Order of $2500+
  • 25+ Gifts Processed Through the Home Office (gifts retail value must be $49+)
  • Bulk Gift Discounts of 50+ Gifts
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