How does ONEHOPE distribute leads to Cause Entrepreneurs?

At ONEHOPE, we have implemented a new online Lead Generation Program. We are making a big investment in spreading the word about our company through many digital channels which will result in expanding our base of CE's. A huge perk of leadership with ONEHOPE will be your inclusion in our Lead Generation Program. 

As part of this program, we will be bringing on many new consultants which will be assigned to you. Our intention with this program is to help you effectively grow your team. It is important to note that while we are thrilled to help you grow your team, it is equally important to us that you have your own “skin in the game." It is also important to us that you have the skill set to organically grow and add to your personal team on a consistent basis. With that in mind, here are a few requirements for inclusion in the Lead Generation Program. 


  •  Be paid as a Director or above in the month prior to assignment (i.e. to receive a lead in March, you must be paid as Director in February) 
  • Sign the agreement that you will warmly welcome, onboard, and be responsible for actively training and coaching your downline CE's
  • Participate in a training program and become certified on effectively onboarding, training, and mentoring your downline CE's 
  •  Agree to consistently hold tasting events to model best practices for your downline CE's 
  • Consistently sponsor through your own efforts by adding a minimum of 3 new CE's organically each rolling 3 months 

We consider this to be an incredible gift to you and, as such, we expect you to emulate the success path that we expect from our CE's. Ultimately it is you who will be responsible for onboarding these new CEs and coaching them to success. 

You are an integral part of the development of the company and we are excited for the opportunity to partner with you to grow an amazing opportunity for you, your family, and your team members. 

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