Starter Kit/Program Fees

Upon joining ONEHOPE, you will be required to purchase an initial Starter Kit which contains supplies and information you will need to begin your business. Below are the three kits to choose from:

  • Basic Business Kit (does not include wine), $99 
  • Starter Kit (includes half a case of wine), $149 
  • Starter Kit Plus (includes half a case of wine, including reserve wine), $199

THE PROGRAM FEE ($99 annual or $12 monthly) COVERS: 

  • e-Commerce Site and Hosting 
  • Ongoing Suite of Education and Sales Materials 
  • Fulfillment and Customer Service for all Orders 
  • Access to Special CE Pricing and Discounts
  • Monthly Administrative Fees 

NOTE: Acceptance into the program does not qualify you as a ONEHOPE salesperson or grant you any license to sell alcohol. Your program participation allows you to be a marketing and brand ambassador of ours, assist Hosts at Events (as defined below), and maximize fundraising for our vetted nonprofit organizations. Any commissions earned through the program are paid relative to your success with your marketing efforts on and offline, and not as sales commissions.

In order to be accepted into the program and subject to applicable state and federal law, you agree to be subject to a background check, which may include your credit history and criminal records report. If you would like a copy of your credit report, please email Please know that we reserve the right to reject any application or to terminate your participation in the program at any point and for any or no reason.

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