Damages and Missing Items

We are committed to 110% customer satisfaction and will do everything we can to make it right if there are any problems with your order. Our Customer Support department handles all Returns and can be reached by phone, email, web-chat, and social.

If a shipment arrives and items are missing or damaged, in the spirit of avoiding recurrence, we will request photographs of the product you / your customer received and review the images against our warehouse footage and shipping manifest records. The following are potential outcomes associated with damaged returns. 

  1. In the event the error was made by ONEHOPE, we will send replacements out immediately.
  2. In the event the issue occurred during shipment, we will file a claim with the Shipper and then we will send product replacements. Occasionally the Shipper will need to reach out to the Receiver to confirm details and pick up the damaged items.
  3. In the event damage cannot be found within our Fulfillment centers or while in custody of the Shipper, we reserve the right to not send replacements.
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