Place an Order for a Customer on a CE's Storefront

To place an order for your customer on your Storefront, follow the steps below:

1. Log into

2. Click your name followed by CE Dashboard

3. Select the "Customers" tab

4a. If the customer is a returning customer, simply click "Order" next to the customer's name

4b. If the customer is a new customer, first you must add the customer and then click "Order"

  • To add a new customer, you simply need their First Name, Last Name, and email address

5. You will now be redirected to the main page of the website, click "Shop" 

8. Select the items your customer would like to purchase

9. When finished shopping, proceed to the checkout process 

NOTE: Please, make sure that you are shopping for the customer you have chosen

10. After checking out, be sure to click "Exit" on the top bar of your screen. This step will allow you to stop shopping on behalf of your customer 

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