Navigate your Dashboard

To access the CE Dashboard, log into Once logged in, click on your name followed by "CE Dashboard." Once on the Dashboard, you will see three different sections: Events, Customers, Orders.


On the Events Tab, you will see all the details of the events you have created: Name, Location, Event Date, Close Date, Status, Event Number. You can also search your events by Name or Location.

There are 2 options next to the Event Details - Link and Order. 

  • The "Link" option generates an Event URL that can be sent to a customer. To copy the link, click on "Link" followed by "Copy Link".
  • The "Order" Option allows you to create a customer account and to place an order for the customer. 
    • When placing an order on behalf of a customer, you will work in Concierge mode.


On the Customers Tab, you can see the list of your customers. By clicking on the "Order" option next to the customer’s information, you can place an order for this existing customer. 

You can also add a new customer by clicking on "Add New Customer."

  • To add a new customer, you will need to know their First Name, Last Name, and email address


On the Orders Tab, you will see all orders associated with your CE ID number. You will be able to link to the Order Details page of each order as well as track the orders. You can also search your events by Date, Order Number, or Name. 

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