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ONEHOPE is proud to offer Square Payment Processing with no additional fees for you or your customers.

This brief instruction will guide you through the process of setting up the Square reader and some additional steps you need to take before you can use the device. 

NOTE: This instruction was created only for the Square reader that we currently include in our Starter Kits and does not extend to other Square devices/models that were purchased separately from ONEHOPE. 


1. If you have an active account with Square, please log out, so you can sign in under the ONEHOPE account by using our unique code

2. Unpack your Square Reader and plug it into your headphone jack (jack 3.5 mm/audio jack)

NOTE: You will need a “Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter” or a “Micro USB to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter” if your mobile device does not have the headphone jack. Currently, ONEHOPE only provides the “Square Reader for Magstripe”  with the headphone jack (3.5 mm) and the adapter is not included

3. Download the Square Point of Sale (POS) app on your device, here. You can download the app in your “App Store’ or “Google Play/Play Market”, in the search bar type “Square Point of Sale” and confirm the installation

4. Contact Customer Support at support@onehopewine.com or via chat to request your unique Square Device Code to register in the app. Please include your full name, CE ID number and email address in the request

NOTE: Please, do not create any square accounts before receiving the code, as this might lead to future technical failures

5. Open the app and choose "Sign In," followed by "Use a Device Code." Enter your unique code given to you by ONEHOPE support. You can now start using Square on the go

NOTE: If you plan to use multiple devices (tablet, phone, etc) you will need to request a unique code for each device


1. Be sure all items have successfully been added to the shopping cart

2. On the Payment screen, you will see two options:

  • Square
  • Credit Card

To check out using the Square app, select "Square" followed by "Continue"

3. Confirm the order is correct and select "Place Order" 

NOTE: The order will be submitted and you will be forwarded to the order receipt page showing your payment as "Pending"

4. Upon placing the order, the website will automatically launch your Square app. The application will let you know when the reader is ready for you to swipe the card

5. After the card has been swiped, please have the customer sign

6. Select "No Thanks," for the receipt as our system will automatically email the customer a receipt

7. Click anywhere on the "Thanks for your Order" screen and you will be directed back to the ONEHOPE website

8. Once you see the ONEHOPE receipt page, it means the order has successfully been placed 

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