How a Wine Tasting Event Works

Wine Tasting Events are conducted in private locations where wine purchased is purchased directly from ONEHOPE Wine (winery) by a host and the CE provides an educational discussion around wines tasted (1 – 2 oz. tasting pours). Event guests interested in obtaining wines may place an order through the ONEHOPE Wine Cause Entrepreneur. The order is then submitted to the winery (ONEHOPE), which accepts the order and if no Compliance issues exist, processes it for delivery. Email and phone numbers are used for order acceptance purposes and need to be correct. CE's are compensated based upon their marketing success because no one attending a Wine Tasting Event is obligated to purchase wine, and an interest to order by itself does not constitute a sale.

Below are important points for CEs to remember when conducting a Wine Tasting Event:

  • Prior to the Wine Tasting Event, the CE should check inventory on all wines on our ONEHOPE stock list
  • Prior to leaving the tasting, the CE should collect Customer information including e-mail address, valid telephone number, age verification and date of birth. If you are using order forms, be sure to fill them out completely and give one copy to the customer and keep one for yourself
  • At no time may a ONEHOPE CE accept cash, a check made out to the CE, Venmo, Paypal, or any third party payment vendor as payment for anyone’s interest in ordering wine. Orders are processed by ONEHOPE and payment for compliant orders will be processed by ONEHOPE
  • It is your responsibility to discuss this with your Host to ensure that all invited guests are 21 years or older. If in doubt, you should ask for ID before serving guests. You may not serve wine to anyone who is underage.
  • The CE must leave all opened and unfinished wine bottles at the Wine Tasting Event for disposal. In no cases can any opened, unfinished bottle be transported
  • To qualify for both a host reward and a custom cause of choice, an event must generate over $500 of sales
  •  Once you’ve created a party in the party portal, you can immediately begin to place orders for the event, even before the party date
  • Parties automatically close 21 days after the event date and will no longer allow new orders to be placed. Host Rewards must be redeemed prior to the close of the event
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