Hosting an Event

Hosting an Event is a great way to raise money for a local cause you'd like to help.

Current ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneurs can host their own events and can help their friends, family, and others in their network Host events of their own.

If an event generates $500+ in sales, 10% of all qualified sales will be donated to a 501c(3) of the Host's choice. If the event does not generate $500 in sales, the host can choose to donate 10% of all qualified sales to one of ONEHOPE's pre-selected causes. 

NOTE: We now have an option to make donations to religious organizations as long as they hold 501c(3) status. 

If you are interested in Hosting an event, sign up here.


It is your responsibility to discuss this with your Host to ensure that all invited guests are 21 years or older. If in doubt, you should ask for ID before serving guests. You may not serve wine to anyone who is underage.

When considering how much to order, each 750ml bottle has approximately five glasses. 

People tend to drink more white wine if it’s an outdoor event held during the day in the summer, and more red wine if it’s at night and steak is being served. Most people consume the same amount of white and red wine, and you can presume that each of your guests will drink one glass of wine per hour.

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