Host Packages

The Host Kit is the perfect kit for a private tasting event. Host kits are priced so you can get an event going for less than $100 (with shipping!) and receive multiple host rewards. Most tasting events need only 6 bottles, however, if you need wine you can always order more!

Key Features: Host Pricing–Host Kit 

  • 6 Bottle, mix & match for $99.99 
    • That’s up to 40% discount 
    • Reserve, Glitter and Iconic wines 25% off

Other Important Notes

  • Host Kit's are non-commissionable
  • Maintain the ability to host a party for under $100 (with shipping) AND receive multiple rewards
  • Eliminate the full case option because a host only needs 6 bottles for a tasting
  • Can always order multiple 6 packs if needed
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