Products Eligible for Donations

The 10% donation can only be processed through an event as it is part of the  ONEHOPE Host Reward program and it’s intended to be an incentive for a Host to have a wine tasting event. We encourage guests to support their host by attending the wine tasting event or ordering from a virtual event, to help support their fundraising efforts. 

The 10% custom donation is applicable on the following products:

  •  Case for a Cause orders (Half Case and Full Case)
  • Gift Sets with a retail price of $49 and up 

The 10% donation does not apply to: 

  • Host Kits
  • Gifting Items Under $49
  • Membership / Website Fees
  • Individual bottle(s) orders

Donations checks are sent on the 10th of every month for the previous month (ie. donations submitted in January are processed on February 10th). The checks are mailed directly to the NPO. You can see the status of each donation entry listed under the Donation Status in your CE Dashboard.

NOTE: When the 10th falls on a weekend day, donations will be processed the following business day.

If you need assistance in submitting your 10% local donation please review the Event Donation Help Center Article. 

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