Submit an Event Donation & Event Donation Status

Submitting your donation to a Non-Profit partner after a successful event is one of the most rewarding experiences we offer at ONEHOPE. This process should take between 3-5 minutes, and based on the total revenue earned at the event, you will have the choice to donate to a pre-selected NPO or a Custom NPO of your choice. Whichever the case, both donations follow the same steps below:

1. Log into

2. In the top, right corner, click on your name

3. Select CE Dashboard followed by the Events tab

4. Click on the "donate" button for the Event in which you are submitting

NOTE: Please keep in mind, the donation check can take up to 21 days to be received by the NPO

5. Next, select Customer NPO and enter the information for the organization to which you'd like to submit your donation

  • Be sure to include Host Kit Quantities, Order Numbers, and Check Memo

NOTE: Your donation will not be submitted until Host Kit Quantity and Order Number are filled in. If you did not purchase a Host Kit for your party, please mark both fields with "0"

6. Click "Update"

NOTE: If you've already entered donation information, but you'd like to make an update, you can do this by opening the donation info form, changing the information, and pressing "Update." Please note, we begin processing all prior month donations on the 10th of each month, so be sure your updates are completed by then.

Keep in mind, you will not see any confirmation message after pressing update. 

To confirm your information has been updated, simply close the donation box and re-open it. Once updated, the information entered will be saved and updated.


To check on the status of your event’s donation, please visit the Events tab on your CE Dashboard. The donation status types are as follows: 

1. Pending: Once you’ve added donation information to a specific event and clicked the update button, your donation information will be saved and the status will change to "pending." Your donation will also have a pending status if a field is left blank on the Donation Form (located in your CE Dashboard). 

2. Submitted: Once your event closes and you have qualified event orders, the status will change to "submitted"

3. Approved: Once our team reviews the donation submission and confirms the information, the status will change to "approved" and you will no longer be able to edit the donation information

4. Processed: Once the donation check has been mailed, the status will change to "processed"

*At this time, you can notify your host that their cause of choice will be receiving their event donation

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