Case for a Cause

The "Case-for-a-Cause" program is the perfect offering for tasting events. Each case can be customized to a customer's liking, and each case purchase goes towards the 10% local donation. 

  • 12-Bottle Case for a Cause - $169
    • This is a 29% discount off MSRP of $239.88 (Shipping is $20 + applicable tax)
  •  6-Bottle Case for a Cause - $99
    • This is a 17% discount off MSRP of $119.94 (Shipping is $20 + applicable tax)

NOTE: We follow a traditional discount model of “the more you buy, the more you save”, therefore the half case is at a slightly lower discount and we offer our biggest discount on the purchase of a full case as a benefit to the person buying. 

It’s always important to remember that in addition to the ONEHOPE promotional prices and the 10% local donation (when applicable), we make a quantifiable impact with a partner cause for every product we offer in our portfolio. This allows the CE, host, and the host’s guests to make an impact both on a national and grassroots local scale.

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