Preferred Customer Donations

As with Hosted Events, 10% of every purchase made by a Preferred Customer will be directed to an NPO. For Preferred Customers with less than $500 in annual purchases, they will select a pre-determined NPO. For those purchasing more than $500 in a calendar year, they will unlock the ability to donate to a custom NPO.

 Follow the steps below to select your cause of choice: 

1. Log into

2. Click on your name in the top, right corner

3. Select "Subscriptions"

4. Under "My Giveback," select your cause of choice

Once your NPO has been selected, our system will automatically save your choice until you set it again. 

Please note, we process donations for Preferred Customers at the time of renewal, so if you initially choose a pre-selected NPO and then purchase over $500 in a calendar year, you will have the opportunity to update this selection, once you've met the $500 threshold. 

Additionally, we will send you a notification letting you know to finalize your NPO choice 7 days before renewal. Once the donation check has been mailed, we cannot make any changes.

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