Cause Partner Selection

The ONEHOPE Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the company which handles all of ONEHOPE and its community's donations. 

We choose and evaluate our nonprofit partners before pairing them with a ONEHOPE Wine varietal based on a 13-point system to ensure the organizations are efficiently run and will benefit from our partnership. 

All cause partners adhere to the following expectations: 

  • NPO has at least an 85% program to overhead ratio 
  • NPO is not religious or politically affiliated 
  • NPO has been in operation for at least 3 years
  • NPO has a quantifiable impact ratio

Each piece of our criteria serves to make sure we are making the best donation decisions that we possibly can.  

If you are interested in submitting an organization for consideration as a standard (non-custom) Non-Profit Partner, please email Our cause partners are aligned directly with specific varietals based on a number of factors. Once a partner is identified, we include their details and the impact ratio per bottle on each varietal description page on the website.

To learn how ONEHOPE gives, watch this video created by our founder, Jake Kloberdanz. 

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